If You Need to File for Probate in Maryland-You Need an Experienced Attorney by Your Side

Losing a loved one is one of the most upsetting and difficult situations you'll ever face. Unfortunately, dealing with the distribution of your loved one's assets-especially if he or she did not leave a will-can add stress to an already emotional time. Probate administration is the legal process by which assets from a deceased individual are distributed among beneficiaries.

The Avrine Law Firm provides the compassionate, competent representation you need. If you are named executor of your loved one's will or your loved one didn't leave a will-we can help you through the unique and complex probate process. We have the in-depth understanding of the complexities and requirements involved in probate cases and the best ways to address them.

If you're dealing with the distribution of a deceased loved one's assets, we're here to help. Call today to schedule your consultation at 240.395.1366.

Our Clients Say...

It was a real pleasure to work with Iryna Avrine. She is very knowledgeable and tries hard to do the best for the client. She did an excellent job working on our trust and other legal documents. I would highly recommend her.

Marina M.