Ensure Your Wishes are Honored if Temporary or Permanent Incapacity Occurs-We Develop & Provide the Legal Documents You Need

Your life can change in a second. An accident or medical emergency can leave you incapacitated. In some cases, you will be unable to make sound decisions on your own. Appointing a Power of Attorney to make your medical, financial and personal decisions in case of your temporary or permanent incapacity, is very wise. Avrine Law Firm, LLC will work closely with you to create the necessary documents to appoint your trusted Power of Attorney.

Be sure if your life changes in unforeseen ways, that decisions are being made by the person you choose and trust. Protect your preferences and wishes regardless of the circumstances.

Let us provide the peace of mind you deserve with:

  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship documents
Call us at 240.395.1366 and make your appointment. If you need after-hours services, please call or text 301.442.2962.

Our Clients Say...

There are lawyers and then there are LAWYERS! Iryna Avrine is definitely one of the LAWYERS! Iryna Avrine is a lawyer of the highest intellect and integrity. I met Iryna Avrine because she represented my wife when my wife and I were navigating the rough waters of creating a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Ms. Avrine was so helpful to my wife. She calmed the waters! She was thoughtful. She was sensitive. She was thorough. She was compassionate. She was honest. My wife expressed to me that Ms. Avrine made her feel entirely comfortable and safe throughout the whole process, unlike my wife's previous attorney. I was so impressed with Ms. Avrine's representation of my wife that once my wife and I were married (I was represented by a different attorney in the Pre-Nuptial phase), I asked Ms. Avrine to represent both my wife and me in our estate matters.

Ronald W.