COVID-19 Information

During these unprecedented times as we battle a pandemic and multiple variants, people feel the need to finalize their estate planning or begin the process to ensure that their wishes are honored and their loved ones, assets, and pets are protected. Doing so is important and provides you with great peace of mind.
We follow strict safety procedures in our office for your health and safety and that of your family members. We comply with recommendations by public health specialists, as well as orders of authority.

If you are more comfortable, we also offer consultations and meetings by phone or through remote online applications such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. We are glad to guide you through the steps to set this up if needed.

Signing and notarizing documents is done with proper physical distancing, protective gear as required that we provide, and disinfection before and after. We appreciate your cooperation.

We have received many calls and emails inquiring what estate planning documents you need to have in place. We recommend:

  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Health Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive and/or Living Will
  • HIPAA Authorization
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Revocable Living Trust
Every situation is unique. We work closely with you to provide the best personalized legal services to meet your family's unique needs.

Giving back is an important part of the Avrine Law Firm, LLC culture. We offer large discounts to our first responders who have been fighting the pandemic and variants on the front lines-our police, firefighters, military, and medical workers.

An Important Reminder to Our Existing Clients

If you seek medical treatment, you may need your Advanced Medical Directive or Living Will and HIPAA Authorization. When you had your estate plan prepared, we provided you with the originals of these document. They can be found in the leader binder under the Health Care tab or Medical Documents tab.

Please check and be sure they are there. The digital copies of your main estate planning documents can be accessed online in your MyCase file and/or a flash drive you received from us along with your leather binder.

In addition, many of you have a DocuBank card that can be quickly accessed by medical personnel to view your medical directives should the need arise. Please confirm that you have easy access to all of these options.

If you are unable to locate these documents or cannot login to your MyCase file, please connect with us by email or phone. We'll provide the login information you need or email copies to you at no charge.

Please stay well and know we are here if you need us.