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Estate planning can feel overwhelming, stressful, and easy to put off. However, Iryna made the process easy and stress free. She has solutions and answers to all your concerns and guides you through the process with patience and attention to detail.

She was a pleasure to work with, and we can't recommend her enough!

Bana M.

We made a will with help of Kira Maroz and would like to write some words about experience working with her. She is not only very nice person. She is a very professional specialist in her field. In addition, she is very patient helping us to call and talk to difference people to clarify some details for our will. She spent hours with us to finish the deal. We would highly recommend her as a great professional specialist with whom it is also very pleasant to deal with.

Natalay K.

Irina is a very professional, detail oriented, and kind person. It's a pleasure to deal with her and her Firm. Thank you for your service.

Vladimir R.

Working with Avrine Law Firm was just great. Extremely knowledgeable. Calm in difficult times. Cannot recommend highly enough

Bess W.

I would definitely recommend Avrine law firm to everybody!

Nataly B.

Iryna at avrinelawfirm was great. She helped us with our estate planning. She guided us through every step and if we had any questions she was ready to help us. What i like the most was her honest and down to earth personality.

For any legal matters even more so for estate planning highly recommend.

Jeremy M.

Avrine Law Firm is incredibly attentive to my needs and answered all my questions thoroughly. i would highly recommend this company.

Arlene G.

Iryna Avrine clearly explained the process and walked me through Estate planning, wills, and power of attorney. She was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, flexible and patient. She somehow always worked around my crazy schedule which involved family matters, travel and work.

She seamlessly moved me forward until all was complete. When your Trust is finished and assets aligned, it feels wonderful! I'm more secure knowing my wishes are written out and my hard work will be realized materialistically by my family after I leave this earth.

Thank you Avrine Law for your legal expertise and attention to my individual needs. I recommend your services without hesitation.

Susan S.

It was a great pleasure to meet and work with Avrine law firm
All our meetings were always in time and very well organized, All our questions were explained in very professional manner
We would definitely recommend Avrin law firm to everybody

Zina G.

I highly recommend the Avrine Law Firm. Iryna Avrine is thoroughly professional and has a great personal touch. She helped us work through the complexity of estate planning and establishing our will and trust while being a pleasure to work with.

I had dabbled for years with preparing our wills, but never completed the work and realize now that having professional help was essential and Iryna's help has been invaluable.

Harvey Simon

Harvey S

I was looking for a well-regarded Estate law firm in my area and came across Iryna and her team. I am so happy I considered Iryna as my estate attorney!

Iryna was informative, patient and transparent. She clearly explained me how I can protect myself and my son from unfavorable tax situations and probate court.
My communication with Iryna was very easy and effective, involving in-person meetings and emails. The response time to my email inquiries was very quick as well as clear and detailed in addressing my concerns.

Iryna gave me a great advice on how to retitle my assets into the trust. She provided me with the asset spreadsheet and specific instructions and guided me through the entire process. In addition, Iryna gave me a gift of 1year Docubank membership that will provide hospitals with quick and easy access to my healthcare directives and my vital contact information in the case of emergency.

Iryna did a fantastic job doing my trust. Her firm pricing was very reasonable. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for an assistance in the estate law.

Galina A.

I highly recommend the Avrine Law Firm.
Iryna Avrine is a top-class professional who is very knowledgeable about estate planning. I was especially impressed with her knowledge about protecting finances and minimizing Federal and State taxes in the event of my death.

For years, I had been wanting to put my things in order, but I kept postponing it. Once I made the phone call to the Avrine Law firm and spoke with Iryna, she explained to me the process, and she helped me get it done in a short period of time. Now, I can sleep at night knowing that my things are in order.

Maria Suarez

My wife and I recently worked with Iryna Avrine to set up an estate plan for our family and found the entire process to be informative and efficient. All of our questions were addressed and explained in such a way to make what can be a quite complicated subject easy to understand. We found the entire experience quite pleasurable and would highly recommend her services.

David Kulick

I am very pleased that I used the Avrine Law Firm to write a will. Attorney-at-Law Irina Avrine understood the complicated situation and gave practical advice. She was very helpful, easy to deal with and nice. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who want to write a will or estate planning.

Yelena K.

Iryna Avrine is the best and I would highly recommend her.

Mikhail S.

It was a pleasure to work with Iryna Avrine. Iryna has set up a comprehensive Family Estate Planning package for us. Her professionalism, expertise, patience and work ethic is highly commendable and very much appreciated. She went over an endless list of legal documents with us, answered all of our questions, and explained complex legal language in simple and easy to understand terms. She made the whole process, which was very confusing and overwhelming in the beginning, more manageable and clear. We were very happy with the results and highly recommend Iryna and the Avrine Law Firm to friends and relatives for estate planning needs.

Galina Umansky

Mrs. Avrine was very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy! We felt like we were talking with a person who really had our best interests at heart. We have highly recommended her to our friends.

Victor & Valencia L.

Iryna Avrine helped my elderly parent with estate planning. She was very patient, explained everything in a simple and clear manner, and made everyone feel comfortable with our decisions. She is an excellent professional and a caring person. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.

Terry P.

Searching for a Russian-speaking attorney who can help put together a good estate plan we decided to visit Avrine Law Firm. Good location (20 min from our home in Gaithersburg, MD) and very convenient appointment time (afternoon or even after business hours) made a series of appointments easy without real loss of our working hours. During our first consulting meeting the attorney we spoke with, Iryna Avrine, gave clear answers to all our questions. She offered options, while never pressing us to do anything. She made the whole will/trust subject simple, clear and easy to understand. We were impressed with her insights and ability to match our needs. She provided different options and spent a real time on discussion of a final solution to maximize the preservation of family assets. We consider that the Avrine Law Firm is a good place to find answers to all estate planning questions and to turn your optimal solutions to documentation. We were impressed with Iryna's work because she was very helpful and patient explaining all details in Russian during discussions and prior to signing our estate planning documents

Vladamir F.

It was pleasure to work with Iryna. She resolved all my problems. I will definitely recommend her for estate planning.

Tamara P.

Probably, every person sometimes faces problems that he cannot solve on his own. At this rate, he/she seeks help from a lawyer. I found such help. Irina and her company were in touch with me all the necessary time. I want to thank Irina. She is a very competent lawyer. She can advise the best solution to the problem and the client will be satisfied. In addition, she has kindness, goodwill. I was very pleased to work with Irina Avrine. I already recommended her to my friends.

Natalya K.

Iryna has a great personality, very knowing and confident. She always pays attention to details and offer different ways to make your life easier. I strongly recommend Iryna Avrine for planning a bright future for your family.

Vera K.

I highly recommend Iryna for your estate planning. She is so professional, intelligent, organized and sweet. I just finished mine with her today she took time to answer my questions and concerns and brainstormed ideas to satisfy my unique plan. I can't be thankful enough. Now I can sleep better knowing a major thing in my life is taken care of. Thank you Iryna!

Paris G.

Me and my mom consulted Irina Avrine on our wills. She was most helpful and patient as she explained all of the details. We were very pleased with her advice, support, and assistance in completing our wills and trusts. Irina is very professional, detail-oriented and very nice and easy to deal with. We have already recommended her to friends.

Tania K.

Iryna is nothing less than an expert at what she does. She did an excellent job helping my family involving a rather challenging issue. We felt included in the entire process and communication was always open-Iryna is incredibly trustworthy. We'd recommend Iryna and Avrine Law Firm to anyone with similar needs.

Spencer W.

Irina Avrine is an excellent attorney-experienced, intelligent, insightful, very professional and not to mention-very caring and patient. She took her time to explain and make sure we were well aware of all the possible options and helped us choose those once that fit best our wishes and at the same time be protected in the best possible way. She was always available and ready to answer questions or concerns, or to reschedule our appointment or even stay after working hours to meet with us when we needed it. We would recommend the Avrine Law Firm to anyone looking for a firm that cares about their clients and provides excellent service.

Boryana F.

Ms. Avrine came highly recommended as an estate planning lawyer. She's surpassed our expectations. Ms, Avrine is a thorough, methodical, experienced and knowledgeable professional. She loves what she does, is very personable and considerate and has her client's best interest at heart. Truly rare find. Would certainly recommend.

- Svetlana A. 5/24/2020

There are lawyers and then there are LAWYERS! Iryna Avrine is definitely one of the LAWYERS! Iryna Avrine is a lawyer of the highest intellect and integrity. I met Iryna Avrine because she represented my wife when my wife and I were navigating the rough waters of creating a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Ms. Avrine was so helpful to my wife. She calmed the waters! She was thoughtful. She was sensitive. She was thorough. She was compassionate. She was honest. My wife expressed to me that Ms. Avrine made her feel entirely comfortable and safe throughout the whole process, unlike my wife's previous attorney. I was so impressed with Ms. Avrine's representation of my wife that once my wife and I were married (I was represented by a different attorney than Ms. Avrine in the Pre-Nuptial Phase) I asked Ms. Avrine to represent both my wife and me in our estate matters.

Ronald W.

Ms. Avrine set up a living trust for us. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend her services. She is a consummate professional with great attention to detail. In addition, fees were very reasonable in comparison to some other law firms.

Irene K.

Me and my wife owe Mrs. Avrine our good nights' sleep. We are incredibly lucky to have such an incredibly caring and knowledgeable lawyer. Always knowing how to approach unusual circumstances and present you with several option to resolve it. Always immediate prompt responses no matter what time or day of the week. One step ahead of the issues. Thank you.

Vladimir G.

I just had my Will done with Iryna Avrine who is a lawyer in Bethesda, MD. During this process, Iryna was very informative and helped me understand the process in detail and timely. I was very satisfied with her service and her knowledge. Thank you.

Jung P.

Iryna reviewed all of my estate planning issues in detail and took me through every step. She gave me several options and explained the results of every choice I had to make. She took her time with me and answered all my questions. I felt that she genuinely cared about me, my family, and my case. She truly goes the extra mile for her clients and is very responsive to their needs. Iryna is the BEST attorney I have ever met! I would recommend her services to anyone!

Michelle G.

I received professional services and prompt services. Ms. Avrine was patient and explained every detail of the legal requirements in the way that I could understand and make informed decisions for my family.

Gelena K.

It was a real pleasure to work with Iryna Avrine. She is very knowledgeable and tries hard to do the best in the interest of the clients. She did an excellent job working on our trust and other legal documents even though our case was complicated because my mother is not a resident of USA. I would highly recommend her.

Elena N.

Mrs. Avrine helped us with Estate Planning, Wills, and Power of Attorney. She patiently explained what options we have and helped us to select right one that suits our needs and situation. We were very comfortable to work with her. We would recommend the Avrine Law Firm.

Sergey & Tatyana O.

It was a real pleasure to work with Iryna Avrine. She is very knowledgeable and tries hard to do the best for the client. She did an excellent job working on our trust and other legal documents. I would highly recommend her.

Marina M.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with this law firm. I found Iryna to be very thorough and honest, as well as caring! Hard to find these qualities in an attorney now days. Thank you for all your help setting up our trust!

Michael P.

Ms. Avrine was wonderful-she created all of the documents I needed in a short timeframe, because of an upcoming event I was travelling to-including the will, trust, advanced directive and power of attorney. She was very thorough and thoughtful and put my mind at ease about taking care of my son in the event something was to happen. As a single parent, this is obviously very important! I highly recommend her.

Diane K.

- Tania K. 1/18/2019

We (wife and husband) have decided to create a simple will. We have asked Iryna for an advice and consultation. She welcomed us in her office and explained many legal details, definitions and conditions. She thoroughly prepared drafts and reviewed them with us. We are fully satisfied with the worked done for us. We recommend the Avrine Law Firm for all legal needs.

Vladimir M.

Iryna Avrine is a highly professional and hard-working attorney and fulfilled all of our family estate planning needs. She also discovered an issue with the house deed that needed to be quickly resolved. I've worked with estate planners in the past and they were not thorough and charged me a small fortune. They made several mistakes (discovered by Iryna) that needed to be modified. Iryna provided me with estate planning strategies to help protect my finances (and minimize Federal and state estate taxes) in the event of my death. I now know that my husband and children will be cared for financially because of her careful estate planning. Everything she did exceeded my expectations and I HIGHLY recommend her services!

Dominique L.

My first experience with the lawyer Iryna Avrine was extremely successful. She is a top-class professional and very attentive to her clients. She gives her time to help clients in their business and everything is done highly professionally and on time.

Elena O.

Utilized the Avrine Law Firm to draft and finalize several legal documents for my family (i.e., will/trust/power of attorney). Once requested documents were ready for review, all sections and context were clearly explained. The documents also included sections/context to cover several potential future occurrences to ensure all angles and scenarios were covered both for present time and future anticipation. Once I reviewed and verified all included information was correct, the documents were immediately available to sign. Paperwork signed on-site/law office location and the firm provided witnesses required for proper sign/witness procedures. Final documents, signed and notarized, were available the same day. Overall, the Avrine Law Firm provided great service, quality work and excellent turnaround time. Iryna Avrine was extremely courteous, helpful and very professional. She also took the extra time to go page-by-page and explain what information was needed and why it was needed to ensure I was comfortable and agreed with all content before signing.

Julie E.

The Avrine Law Firm had helped my Mom for her letter Power of Attorney right away. The service was very professional, organized and thoroughly explained. They are very knowledgeable. I got their trust. I highly recommend them.

Julia T.

The Avrine Law Firm handled my case for green card application diligently. My past experience with atrocious attorneys left me believing that all attorneys are liars. After using Avrine Law Firm, my faith was restored. Avrine Law Firm could not have handled my case better, faster and with more careful detail. They lead and guided me through the process, step by step with informative instructions, making it easier for me, by the use of a check list that was carefully added to each section of my documentation. The Avrine Law Firm is not only passionate about what they do, but they have also done a fantastic job even though my case was definitely not simple. They are extremely dedicated, extremely thoughtful, and are committed to making your case successful (after seeing several immigration attorneys, you can tell the difference in commitment and care for you as a client). I highly recommend them. I am so glad I worked with them and would recommend the Avrine Law Firm in any area they represent.

Nadya A.

Nothing is more frustrating than ambiguous legal matters. When I became overwhelmed and realized I was over my head with all the technical and legal issues in naturalization process I called Mrs. Avrine's office. I made the right choice. Mrs. Avrine provided outstanding legal guidance. She was very responsive via e-mail and phone whenever I had questions. She is one of those people who make you feel comfortable and trust their judgement. Highly recommend!

Elena S.

We were extremely happy with the professionalism and service provided by Iryna Avrine Esq. in preparing and filing our Will and also creating associated documents of Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directive. Would recommend this firm to anyone who may be looking for help with such documents.

Pradeep R.

Mrs. Avrine was very helpful, patient and attentive to our needs. She spent a lot of time explaining to us what our legal rights were. She offered different options to suit our needs. We are very thankful to her.

Valerian & Esther N.

I would highly recommend this service to any who needs qualified lawyer's services, especially if you need someone who speaks in Russian in addition to English.

Margatey G.

Mrs. Avrine is a very truthful lawyer-something you don't find often these days. She was extremely professional and quick to help me with all of my issues. Honestly, it was nerve racking to be in these situations and Mrs. Avrine calmed all of my worries and was able to win my estate case for me and read over all of my contracts going forward. It was a great experience! I honestly recommend her to everyone I know because her rates are a steal for the amount of attention and care to legal detail that you get! I can see why she graduated summa cum lade at her law school. I will always use Iryna Avrine going forward for all of my legal matters and just to read any contracts I sign in the future because I hold a lot of respect for her understanding of the law and written contracts.

Anya D.

I am so glad I hired Iryna Avrine at the Avrine Law Firm to assist me with my small business' organization and trademark registration issues. Iryna is very detailed, knowledgeable, and very kind. She always keeps me updated on my case at every step of the way. Thank you Iryna!

Alla D.

- Julia E. 7/19/2017

It was a great pleasure to work with Iryna and her team.
I would recommend the firm.

Stella P.

To fulfill our Will, we turned to Iryna V.Avrine, Avrine Law Firm, LLC and our experience has been nothing short of excellent.

Iryna V.Avrine was very professional, responsive and explained the process step by step in an easy to understand way.
She helped us determine the best course of action, navigated the nuances correctly, and had our best interests in mind.

We always felt that we were being listened to and we felt that our interests were taken care of.

Iryna V.Avrine is an incredible person, a top-notch lawyer and an unsurpassed professional.

We will continue to engage our highly respected Attorney at Law, Iryna V.Avrine, with any further legal matters.

We are very grateful to Iryna V.Avrine for her help and support in everything! We appreciate the information and advice she shared with us. We sincerely appreciate her help.

The legal assistant Kira Maroz was also professional and very knowledgeable.

We highly recommend Avrine Law Firm, LLC, Attorney at Law Iryna V. Avrine and her team.
They are true professionals.

We sincerely appreciate your help to us!

Victor and Olga T.

Avrine Law Firm is organized and reliable. Addressed all of our needs in a professional and timely manner. We felt safe and all of our concerns were addressed.
Iryna was a pleasure to work with.
Would highly recommend her!

Nina R.

It was a real pleasure to work with Iryna. She is very knowledgeable and tries hard to do the best for the clients. We'd recommend Iryna and Avrine Law Firm to anyone with similar needs.

Ruvin B.

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