Choose a Guardian for Your Children

The distribution of assets is not the only thing to consider when you have minor children

If you have children, a will or a trust isn't enough to protect them throughout adolescence if you become incapacitated or pass away. Selecting a guardian who shares your values and who you trust to raise your children in case you are unable to will give you peace of mind. With help from Avrine Law Firm, LLC, you can prepare all the necessary legal paperwork to protect your children and their future.

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Why should you think about appointing a guardian?

If you have children under the age of 18 or family members with special needs, it's important to designate who you want to be their guardians and trustees if all primary caretakers should die. If you do not select someone to care for your children and something unthinkable happens, then the courts would have to make the decision for you.

While you choose a guardian for your children, you should consider the person's:

  • Shared values
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Living situation
  • Relationship with your children
  • Education level

Do you have someone in mind? Avrine Law Firm can help you appoint a guardian for your minor children and incapacitated loved ones.

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