Choose a Guardian You Trust for Your Children or Special Needs Family Member

Deciding who will raise your children under 18 years old or be responsible for your special needs family member is a very important decision. A Will or Trust doesn’t address this. It’s critical to choose a guardian with whom you completely trust the responsibility to provide what your loved ones need if you and their other primary care providers are not there to provide for them. The quality of their future and your peace of mind depends on it.

We recommend basing your selection on the following criteria:

  • Shared Values
  • Cultural Beliefs
  • Living Situation
  • Their Relationship with Your Children or Special Needs Family Member
  • Education Level

The Avrine Law Firm, LLC will work closely with you through every step of this important estate-planning component.

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Our Clients Say...

I just had my will done with Iryna Avrine who is a lawyer in Bethesda, MD. During this process, Iryna was very informative and helped me understand the process in detail and in a timely way. I was very satisfied with her service and her knowledge. Thank you.

Jung P.